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"Stop Paying for Expensive Electricity -- Create Your Own 'Green' Energy from Wind and Solar Power and Have the Electric Company Pay You Instead!"

Are you aware that by using alternative sources of power (Green Energy) you can reduce your electricity bill by as much as 80 percent or even eradicate it altogether? As if that's not enough, the electric company will give you money if you create more power than you consume. Not only can you eliminate or reduce your power bill, you can actually earn through the use of alternative green power.

While you might think it is too difficult to build an energy generating system on your own, nothing could be further from the truth. It is entirely possible to build your own affordable power generating system with the help of information packed guides currently available.

But which guide to choose? Don't worry -- we have gone through the painstaking process of reviewing dozens of informational green energy generation guides and handpicked the very best ones for you. With our reviews you can achieve the best information and the best value for your hard earned money.


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Earth4Energy is an information-packed guide created by Michael Harvey, an expert in the field of renewable energy. Learn how to build a professional grade green energy system for pennies on the dollar, using step-by-step instructions and a detailed video tutorial. The plans revealed in this guide have been extensively tested for efficiency, safety and quality. Just one project featured is how to build an energy generating windmill for under $200!

When you choose Earth4Energy, you are not only helping yourself and putting more money in your pocket, you are helping the environment as well. The wind generators and/or solar panels you craft using the valuable information in this expertly written guide are better for the environment and more economical for you than traditional electric power.

Earth4Energy creator and renewable energy guru Michael Harvey backs his product with an ironclad money-back satisfaction guarantee. You have eight weeks to try the product and if it doesn't work you can request a full refund.

Earth4Energy - Detailed Review

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HomeMade Energy Review
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With the HomeMade Energy Guide, you will learn the detailed methods used by a 57-year old California man who unplugged from the power company and created his own sources of renewable energy. The power company he used to pay now pays him, and with this guide you can achieve similar results. Ideal for all skill and knowledge levels.

Discover what the Fortune 500 Companies don't want you to know. Learn how to build an energy generating wind powered system for as little as $100 and a solar panel energy system for $200 that is portable for superior convenience and usability.

The HomeMade Energy Guide comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Within 60 days if you are not completely satisfied you can obtain a full refund.

HomeMadeEnergy - Detailed Review

Make Your Own Green Energy

Energy4Green Review
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The Energy4Green product gives you instructions on how to create your own renewable energy sources and save money on your power bill. Imagine if you only paid $10 for electric each month. If you create more energy than you use, the power company will actually pay you! Energy2Green shows you how to set up a system for around $200.

This product teaches you step-by-step how to build wind generated power systems for under $500. The methods taught here were first tested by high school students, so it's easy enough for newbies but made for all skill levels. By using the methods in this product you can put more money in your wallet while helping save the Earth with your very own green energy system.

Energy4Green comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This guide will teach you how to create your own solar and wind powered power, and if it doesn't meet your needs you can get a full refund.

Energy4Green Detailed Review

In these tough economic times, there is no better way to save more of your hard earned cash than by creating your own green power! Making your own wind energy or solar electricity system used to be a complex matter, now its not only easy to do but extremely cheap too. What's more, if you create enough energy yourself your excess power can be sold to the power company and turned into pure profit!

Join the thousands of other homeowners that have disconnected from the grid and start enjoying free green power by taking immediate action. We've done all the hard work of sorting through the dozens of green energy guides out there in order to select our top pick, Earth4Energy. Be sure to read the full review and you'll see why it is the perfect way to get started. What's more it's guaranteed to have you up and running in no time at all!

Have a great day, have a great green energy day!



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